60 Homecoming Nail Ideas Fit for a Homecoming Queen

Homecoming nails are not something you can neglect. They are the part of your successful look. Whether you’re gearing up for the Homecoming dance or for formal, there are plenty of beauty aspects to consider. From makeup, to hairstyles, to the dress itself, it can be a bit overwhelming to plan out your star-worthy look. However, one of the most understated aspects of formal beauty is your manicure, which truly helps pull the whole look together.

The Homecoming Dance isn’t all about the dress or shoes you wear. Your nails should be on point as well! Can’t find the best design to complete your look? Check this list out! From glitters to rhinestones, your Homecoming Dance nails should look as stunning your makeup and outfit for one of the biggest school events this year! They don’t need to be the same color as your dress, but they should definitely compliment or enhance it.

Picking out the perfect dress and finding an elegant hairstyle are crucial steps in getting ready for the big dance, but you also can’t forget your homecoming nails. Gorgeous nail art that coordinates with your ensemble will top off your head-to-toe look. Check out these 60 ideas for stunning homecoming nails that are sure to impress.

Glitter, half moons, rhinestones, bold colors, we put it all in a slideshow for you to take a breath and decide on what your gorgeous tips will look like. Keeping your dress in mind, flip through the pictures to dream up your perfect nails. You can also use the nail art to inspire what kind of dress you want if you haven’t gotten one yet. Let us know which was your favorite in the comments below! Find the best match for your outfit with these stunning homecoming dance nails!