55 Acrylic Coffin Nail Designs For Fall and Winter

Coffin shaped nails originated in the 1990s and are still going strong! They are also referred to as ballerina nails. They are similar to stiletto nails as they are very long and tapered.

Are you ready to try some fun coffin nail designs? Yes, the shape is similar to that of a coffin, hence the name. Despite their rather morbid name, they are quite trendy at the moment! With their flat, tapered fit, they are really elegant, but with a slight edge.

We have put together a gallery of coffin nails: from classy to cutting edge to funky, we have it all. Be sure to pin your favorites so that you can experiment with different looks and make them your own!

i loved it !!! i just did a gel manicure because acrylic messes my nails up, but it's the perfect balance between being extra and being simple