50 Coffin Nail Designs You’ll Want to Try

Coffin nails (also called “ballerina” nails) became popular in the early 90’s and still haven’t lost their exclusive appeal. This special fingernail shape often reminds people of a coffin. However, it doesn’t make it any less attractive. In order to make perfect coffin shape, you would need to grow quite long nails. Ballerina form doesn’t look as impressive on the short nails, however, it can still be done. We are offering you a fun chance to take a look at a great variety of coffin nails designs that will inspire you to make some experiments.

If the nails are called “coffin”, it doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be dark. Choose any one of your favorite colors. Coffin nail shape looks very interesting when you use black colors. However, if you don’t want your fingernails to look too gloomy, use black to make patterns on bright colored nails. Black looks perfect with any color.

Make and Indian club out of a couple of your coffin nails and impress the heck out of your friends. This design is created by using triangular rhinestones and arranging them on the tip of the coffin nails.

Have you ever thought of rocking coffin nail designs? We bet you have. It is a perfect mediation of stiletto nails and French manicure. This nail shape is extremely popular. Even celebrities go for it. Coffin nails are Kylie Jenner’s go to. Or you are just looking for a fresh design for your coffin nails? Check out our trendy ideas for coffin nails and get inspired.