48 Matte Coffin Nails Designs For 2019

Matte nail design means a nail art that’s not so shiny. It has been trendy on runways and in fashion magazines for a long time. Matte nails are often paired with white color to get white matte nail design. You can also use other colors to get matte black nail designs, white matte nail designs, matte grey nail designs, matte black and gold nail designs or matte purple nail designs.

Two big trends in nails are the coffin shape and matte. We love both these styles and so do celebrities like Rihanna. Not only do the two look stylish individually but also when worn together. By choosing matte coffin nails, you will have one trendy manicure and won’t have to choose between two awesome styles.

Ballerina nails or coffin nails are a popular shape among the ladies who like to attract attention with the help of their extraordinary outlooks. This collection of matte and acrylic coffin nails design ideas is so complete that there is not even a chance that you will not find something special for yourself here!

Matte top coats are still on the edge of popularity that is why adding such a coating to your neutral-shades coffin nails is an excellent idea if you can’t experiment farther that point. A neutral matte mani is also a unique way to get some rest from all the previous and future nail art intricacy.


Matte nails will make you look elegant, so if you wish to get the most striking look, this article is exactly for you. Please do not hesitate to pin all the pictures if you like the designs. Have fun and enjoy!