45 Burgundy Matte Coffin Nail Colors Designs For 2019

Burgundy nail art designs have become people’s favorite. Burgundy color has become one of the most popular colors. Women who choose this color do not want to have bright and gorgeous nails, but want to have classic and sexy designs. The burgundy nail designs give them a dark elegance and chic feel.

There are many reasons why burgundy nails are on the edge of popularity these days. The thing is that burgundy is one of those universal shades you can wear anywhere and anytime. It is less bright than red and spicier than sheer black. Besides, no matter what you wear – burgundy hues will only add that distinctive taste to your outfit.

The number of designs involving burgundy is also quite impressive, such as matte burgundy nails, acrylic burgundy nails design, burgundy ombre design, sparkly burgundy coffin nails design, burgundy nails with rhinestones,etc. That is why we thought that maybe you were looking for something both classy and sassy and decided to suggest you a list of fresh ideas to try out right now.


Burgundy nails are the perfect choice for those who are tired of all the bright and pastel shades separately or even combined together. Not to mention that burgundy is the color of the season, there is nothing trendier these days, that is for sure. All in all, if you are seeking for something not boring and trendy, you have come to the right place.