45 Acrylic Coffin Nail Color Designs For Fall and Winter

Coffin nails have definitely been a hit throughout all 2015, but they are still present, even more than before. They range from medium to long in length, are tapered at the end and squared off, right in between a basic french mani and the stiletto design, which makes it practical yet cool. Many celebrities showed their coffin nails on networks and basically that is how this style came to life. Kylie Jenner, Rihanna, Zendaya and Demi Lovato are just some of the people who always have fabulous nails done and most of the time those are coffin nails. Make sure to check these nails, they are very cool!

Coffin shape nails are also known as “ballerina nails.” They have such name because of their shape that resembles a real coffin. They look extremely sensual and sophisticated. They are a great canvas for various colors and nail art. With this nail shape, you will definitely be the queen at any event.

Coffin tip nails could easily break, so you should be extremely careful with them. Thus, you’d better use some nail hardeners, if you want to wear this nail shape. These wonderful coral nail art designs can be easily achieved, so you don’t have to spend your money in a nail salon.

Are you looking for acrylic coffin nail color designs for fall and winter? See our collection full of cute acrylic coffin nail color design ideas and get inspired!