40+ Best Fall Nail Polish Colors for 2018

When it comes to fall nail colors, there are a select few that have become our go-tos time and time again, year after year, and we’re sharing our favorites with you today. We consider these the best fall nail polishes of all time, and we’re sure that after checking out the nail colors on our list (and trying some of them!), you’ll agree that we totally nailed it! Meet this year’s batch of fall nail colors. From a moss green to a shimmery red, these polishes will have your fall nails on point all season long. Start the season off with Zoya’s subtle Presley polish. It’s a smoky, neutral taupe that can act as a transition between the summer and fall months. As the season progresses, warm things up with Smith & Cult’s Bitter Buddhist fall nail polish.

The standout shades of the moment speak to autumn’s best qualities: a monochromatic gray to match a thick cable-knit scarf; a light mocha that mirrors a creamy warm latte; a tawny yellow to rival those freshly picked Golden Delicious apples at the orchard. And wherever the season will take you—be it getting lost in a corn maze, playing a round of touch football, or merely admiring the foliage from the sidelines—there’s a subtle polish to match. Here, nine charmingly understated colors to get excited for fall.

Sure, the colors we think of as being traditional autumnal hues — the dusty reds and ambers of changing leaves, rich jewel tones, earthy beiges, perhaps — are pretty. But for fall 2018, we’re bucking tradition. At least where our nails are concerned.

So forget what you thought you knew about seasonal nail polish shades, and go on a nail polish journey with us, won’t you? Who says super-bright, Barbie pink has to be reserved for summer pedicure season or vacation manicures? Not anymore! Sunset orange can totally work in September, and gray doesn’t have to be boring. Ahead, we’ve rounded up 40 gorgeous nail polish colors that you’ll want to have in constant rotation this fall.